how to convert website visitors into customers
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How to convert website visitors into customers

Websites exist to grow your business, but if you’re getting the traffic but not converting those visitors into leads and sales, then we’ve provided 5 critical areas that require focus and fixing so that you can convert your website visitors into customers. In this article we expand on those focus areas and provide insights on how to fix it.

How to convert website visitors into customers? 5 focus areas to fix and how to.

#1. Poor website design and navigation

Poor website design and navigation can significantly impact conversion rates by making it difficult for your website visitor to find what they are looking for and to complete their desired actions on your website. This can lead to a frustrating user experience, which often shows up in your analytics platform as a high bounce rate and low engagement.

Poor website design can also negatively impact the trust for your brand, as a professional and well-designed website is often perceived as a sign of a trustworthy and credible company. If your website is outdated or difficult to use, it can create a sense of suspicion or uncertainty about your business in the mind of your website visitor, leading them to leave your website and look to your competitors for solutions.

Additionally, poor website navigation can make it difficult for users to find important information, such as product or service descriptions, pricing, and customer reviews and testimonials. This can result in users leaving your website without making a purchase or taking the desired action you’d like for them to take.

To improve your website’s conversion rates, it is important to invest in a well-designed website that is easy and intuitive to navigate and provides the necessary information in line with your user’s journey. This also includes having a clean and professional design, and clear call-to-action buttons.

In summary, a few essential musts that must be designed into your website to improve your conversion rates:

  1. Easy and intuitive navigation
  2. Information and content that is relevant and meets the needs of your website visitor
  3. Clearly communicate your value proposition
  4. Have clear call-to-action buttons
  5. Don’t forget mobile devices, ensure that your website’s experience on mobile is excellent.
  6. Provides online forms to capture leads
  7. A consistent branded experience through look and feel.

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#2 Poor website performance

Poor website performance refers to how quickly a website downloads and how quickly it responds to the prompts of the user. Websites that are slow loading and unresponsiveness can have a significant impact on your website’s conversion rates. Your website visitor is less likely to wait around for your website to load to take the desired action.

There are a number of ways in which poor website performance negatively impacts your website’s conversion rates, therefore reducing the number of leads that you could be generating for your business.

Increased Bounce Rate

Slow loading time and unresponsiveness can show up as a high bounce rate. This means visitors are more likely to leave your website if they have to wait too long for pages to load.

Low user engagement

If your website is slow or unresponsive to your website visitors, they will have trouble completing tasks like filling out forms or adding items to their cart. This adds frustration to your user’s experience and can result in reduced engagement and increases the chances of the website visitor abandoning your website, lowering the chances of visitors converting via your website.

Decreased trust for your brand

Website visitors know what a good website experience is and when your website performs poorly this can impact the trust in your brand, as a well-performing website is often perceived as a professional and reliable company. if your website is slow or unresponsive, it can give the impression that your company is unreliable or untrustworthy.

To improve your website’s performance and increase your conversion rates, it is important to invest efforts into website optimization and regular maintenance that ensures that your website is fast, responsive, and easy to use. This includes regular updates to improve website speed, optimizing images and other media and regularly testing your website to identify and resolve any performance issues.

#3 Insufficient trust signals

The internet allows your potential customer to discover new brands, products and services. It is important to build confidence for your brand, products and services by providing trust signals. A lack of trust signals (or social proof) on your website can decrease conversion rates because potential customers may doubt the credibility of your brand and the products and services that it offers.

A few ways to build trust signals for your business include providing customer reviews and testimonials, case studies and success stories, industry certifications, and awards, security and privacy badges; to including media mentions or press coverage. When these are visible on your website, they increase the perceived credibility of your brand and boost your customer’s confidence helping them to fill out your online form or to make a purchase.

#4 Poor understanding of your target audience

Many businesses are still designing their website with an “inside-out” approach instead of an “outside-in” approach. An inside-out approach is one that is focused on your company whereas the “outside-in” approach focuses on designing your website around the needs of your potential customer.

A poor understanding of your target audience can negatively impact conversion rates because if a website is not designed and optimized to meet the needs and preferences of your intended customers, they are likely to not find your website relevant or appealing to them. This may cause them to leave your website without taking any action.

To avoid this, it is important to have a clear understanding of your target audience and their characteristics, pain points, needs, and preferences. Your website must be designed with clear messaging that caters to your target audience. It is then important to continuously analyse and adjust your website based on customer behaviour and feedback that you gain through analytics, and conversion rate monitoring and performance.

#5 No lead generation capture forms and landing pages

When your websites does not have lead capture forms or landing pages on your website this can significantly impact your conversion rates because it makes it difficult for your potential customers to provide their information and become a lead. The purpose of a lead capture form and landing page serves as a primary means of collecting information from visitors and guiding them toward a desired action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. Without these elements, your website may not be able to effectively convert visitors into leads. To improve conversion rates, it is important to:

  1. Create clear and compelling calls-to-action
  2. Have well-designed lead capture forms that are easy to fill out
  3. Have targeted landing pages that are designed and optimized for conversion
  4. Continuously test and optimize the lead capture forms and landing pages to improve performance.

Once your lead has filled in your online form, it is necessary to have a lead nurturing strategy that follows thereafter that ensures that your business does not lose the lead.

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How to convert website visitors into customers

These are just 5 of the few reasons why your website visitors are not converting and becoming leads. Reach out and engage with us for more information. We can help you design your website to improve your lead generation and conversion rates.

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