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Why you should be an​ E-Commerce website before 2022.

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We take a closer look at the benefits of an e-commerce website and and why your business should be E-Commerce ready before the year 2022.

It’s more and more amazing to watch how many businesses are moving over to E-commerce to improve their survival and success for not only now but in the years to come.

Technology and innovation is something a business can no longer afford to ignore and that is why watching the latest digital marketing trends is so important to inspire and forecast business strategies.

So why E-commerce? Lets take a look…

Goodbye geographical limitations

The idea of owning a business but not physical store dawned negatively on business owners and put a taste of unsuccessfulness in their mouths.

But not anymore. With a physical store, you are limited to the geographical area that your store operates within. But with an e-commerce website, your locations are stretched way further reaching tons and thousands of more people.

Say hello to new customers with your search engine visibility

Physical retail stores use branding and relationships. Online retail has that as well as the benefit of getting traffic from search engines. It is not unusual for visitors to follow a link when searching for something online and land on an e-commerce website that they have never heard of.

We call it organic traffic. This additional traffic to the website can be the tipping point for some e-commerce businesses.

Lower costs

One of the biggest benefits of having an E-commerce store is the fact that your costs are lowered. I think it’s a no brainer that everyone feels the pain of meeting rent payments on a physical store. Your advertising and marketing costs have the opportunity to reduce and your checkout and billing systems reduce the number of employees your business needs to operate.

Digital marketing trends ignite media

Your product/service is located faster

Gone are the days of pushing a shopping cart around a shopping mall searching endlessly for the right product or service that meets your needs.

With E-commerce, you have an easier navigation system to find exactly what you want. Maybe you need a selection of options to choose from, which is where E-commerce dominates over physical stores in the sense that you can do a broad search over what items you are looking for from various different shops.

Another benefit is that most E-commerce websites remember what your preferences were to help them with future repeat purchases.

Bye bye travel time costs

Who doesn’t love sitting on the couch with the idea that the doorbell with ring any moment to deliver your new pair of shoes. Whether it be a store down the road or in another country, the idea of not leaving your couch makes online shopping a huge success.

Some may call it the land of lazy, but we call it time efficiency. Cause who else fears petrol costs? That’s right.. everyone!

Queue comparison shopping

Options. Options. Options.

So you stumble across an E-commerce website offering you the exact white sneakers you’ve always wanted and they’re going for only a price of… Ohhh!

The price gets you choking on your own disgust.

With E-commerce, you are provided with comparison shopping meaning that you now have the option to browse online for the best price available. Without having to walk into a thousand different stores!

Digital marketing trends ignite media

Provides a generous amount of information

You’re walking in a shopping store and you come across the item you’ve been wanting to purchase but you need more information before you head over to the checkout desk. But wait, no sales person in sight?

E-commerce websites make additional information very easily available to customers to access what they want to know when they want to know it.

Creates targeted communication

Registrations forms and cookies provide E-commerce business owners with access to a lot more information about it’s customers.

This creates better and more relevant communication strategy messages. Which in return means your remarketing and ads can be placed in front of the right customers.

Open 24/7

The BEST benefit of an online store is the fact that you are open 24/7 to your customers. So if Sally is sitting wide awake at 4 am in the morning going through your product list and want to buy right then, she can.

The ‘always open’ idea is one that more and more customers are loving and finding highly convenient to use.

Well there you have it. The main reasons why your business should start moving over to E-commerce and FAST! The idea is more… More cost savings. More customers. More profits.

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