Together we are a creative team of thinkers, problem solvers, marketers, designers and developers offering strategic marketing and sales support solutions via web development, design, SEO, social media, paid advertising and more.  We’d like to think of ourselves as an extension of your organisations in-house team; a trusted strategic partner in executing and delivering sound solutions that unlock your growth, sustainability and competitive advantage. 



All people matter.  Each individual with his/her different experiences bring something of value to the table, for Ignite Media, for our clients and to the world at large. We all have the ability to create and contribute towards a meaningful life. 

With a shared vision to create customer value, our motive is to create, support and grow sustainable businesses so that it positively impacts on an individual, to his/her family unit and extends outward towards the greater society and economy.


We recognise, accept and are confident in our skills, talents, knowledge and our experience.  We are aware and honest about our limitations and have proven experience in overcoming challenges and limitations.  


We understand and accept our responsibilities, commitments and the actions required to back them up. We keep our teams, service providers and our clients accountable for our and their respective parts in building and growing successful brands.


Doing everything that we can, within our capabilities and power to create customer value and to deliver the best results for our clients. Traditional ideals such as good customer service, building relationship and communication are upheld.


For our clients and our benefit, we commit to paying attention to growing our understanding of human behaviour, monitoring trends such as user experience, platforms to technologies so that we can spot potential blindspots, innovate and remain agile in this ever-changing technological world.





A retrenchment from her role as a Credit Risk Analyst for Shell South Africa in 2015 allowed Janine Wood to fully commit to her then side-line business that she had started in 2013.  Starting out as a social media company, 9 years later Ignite Media has evolved into a B2B development, marketing and sales support agency offering a range of digital solutions that help brand, business and customer come together to achieve their mutual goals.    

The keys to our progress and growth are our unique combination of analytical and creative skills; our commitment to continuous learning and delivering professional products, services and support that enable growth for our clients.     

Our in-house team and supporting service providers commit to a shared vision of creating value and delivering excellence for the growth and success of our clients, ourselves and for the greater contribution towards society.   

Our vision is to grow our team, continuously innovate, evolve and expand our offering and to become a strategic, full-service development, marketing and sales support partner of choice for our valued clients both locally and globally.  We work with established medium to large-sized B2B organisations, and provide support and solutions to leading and award winning PR agencies in South Africa.

Janine Wood
Janine Wood
Founder & Managing Director




"I personally met Janine Wood and could see from her answers to my questions that she had a broad understanding of how sales & marketing work. I had meetings with many potential service providers, but no one mentioned sales funnels, how to move clients through the funnel from noticing your company right through to the sale. Janine could explain the whole process with confidence. She is professional, authentic and gave me a sense of being trustworthy & committed to her clients. From the first lasting impression when we met, to Janine's approachability, her endeavour to understand the uniqueness of us / our company as her client and matching our branding that is true to us and professional, being solution orientated, focussed on customer relationships, good work ethics, dependability, creativity, honesty, productivity, approachability, pleasant personality, her knowledge in her field and know how’s to reach our unique target market = there are many reasons why we have chosen to work with Janine and her team."

Josca Valerga
JJ Landscapes
"Ignite Media is a pleasure to work with - Our project of merging brands and websites with various interconnecting services was quite a challenge for sure and the numerous solutions and custom builds Janine, Simon & Enrico offered us along the way were always effective and solution driven with an intuitive understanding of our rather tricky requirements. Janine has also bravely endeavoured to guide and train me since the conception of the site to manage the basic updates and maintenance for ourselves. This especially, has been greatly appreciated! We couldn't recommend Ignite Media more for all the amazing work they have produced for us thus far. I am definitely going to call on them for assistance for some time to come!"

Kim Henshilwood
Shonaquip Social Enterprise
"Professional, diligent, friendly, strategy driven, process-oriented and creative company to partner with. I've worked with Janine and the team for some time now on our main development, design and SEO accounts and would recommend them highly. Ignite Media is customer and solutions focused, holding themselves to high standards of delivery which is one of the reasons why I am sure we will be working together for years to come.

Gregg Davies
"We are getting sales uptake and traction digitally as a result of Ignite Media's work. We appreciate the efforts.“

Rene Winter
Saved by Spot Africa
"Ignite Media has impressed us over and over with their knowledge, skills and creativity. We can't imagine working with any other company in the future."

Chantel Swart
Grimms Holdings
"We doubled the number of students applying for our client's courses and deepened a relationship with a funder thanks to Ignite Media's steer and strategies."

Jo-Anne Smetherham
Funding Solutions
"Thank you Ignite Media, what a pleasure to work with you. So talented and gifted. We love our new branded website and marketing materials. you've given us a new face that will help us grow globally."

Belinda Combrinck
Fine Bubble Technologies
"Without a doubt 5 stars! Ignite Media's expertise and understanding of our SEO far exceeded our expectations. We are ranking at number 1 for most of our keyword terms"

Tina McDowell
Vienna's Village


Ignite Media is a 100% black, woman-owned business. 


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