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Website design strategies that increase your user’s ​experience

How to make your website your most valuable asset

It goes further than making sure the colours look nice or that the images stand out. In fact, it’s simply a combination of knowing your audience and matching your design to their needs.

When it comes to increasing the number of people who visit your website, there are several things to make perfect when working on your design and layout.

Your website is considered successful if it correctly incorporates the right SEO strategies and matches the right elements to fit the audience that your website speaks to. All of these elements make or break your business and makes an impact on how your audience views your brand. And in the end, this determines how well you turn them into potential customers.

Below we take a look at the top elements that make your website a big success.

1. Navigation

When your website has a number of pages for your audience to browse through, it is incredibly important to have a point of navigation where they can easily and efficiently switch to another page.

A navigation bar is what you know as a menu, that lists the different featured pages you have on your website. If your navigation is complicated then your audience will struggle and leave with frustration.

Making your menu easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow will automatically leave a positive impact on your audience and will keep them browsing. Which means the time they spend on your website increases.

2. Content and Visual Elements

Your images, videos, fonts and any other copy that is displayed on your website is your content. Poor quality images and videos with a long loading time are examples of what not to do as it will drive audiences away within seconds.

Your message needs to be easy to understand with your visuals MATCHING the message you are trying to convey.

However, too many images and videos won’t bring any good either no matter how good quality as your audience will feel as if your website is too cluttered and distracting. This means that before you start designing, you need to plan the perfect layout with the optimal amount of visual interest and information.

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3. Brand matching across platforms

We see so many businesses develop a great website but they don’t match it to the rest of their social platforms. Your brand needs to be CONSISTENT throughout all the different channels you may use. If your social channels are fun and exciting and your website is very corporate-looking, then your brand’s image is not consistent.

This is the same for your logo. If your business has a unique logo that is placed on all print materials, then all of them need to match one another and keep to the design of your website.

We believe it’s extremely important for your audience to recognize your brand no matter what channel it may be on. This avoids confusion amongst your audience and stops them from thinking there is something wrong with your business.

4. Have an attractive call to action.

All the time and effort that you put into building your website is not only to display a beautiful image of your business but also to convert those visitors into paying customers.

The most effective way to convert them is to use attractive and unique call-to-actions. These CTAs can be used to collect email addresses for your email marketing, to gather valuable contact information or to provide your audience with options of what to do next.

Effective CTAs will have an eye-catching design and be available on every page of your website with easy-to-understand instructions. Look at what your competitors within your industry are using to capture their audiences and use it as an idea of how to start structuring yours.

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5. Be search engine optimized and organised

TIP: When dealing with the idea of organisation, most people will read starting from the upper left area of your screen and therefore smart website designers put the most important information there. This automatically increases the chances of your message being correctly delivered to your visitors.

From a Search Engine Optimisation perspective, your website needs to be properly laid out and you need to make use of the best visible areas so that you can place your most important information there.

It also means that you need to make sure that all your images, videos and website copy are optimized so that your audience and Google will find your website design easy to browse through. Incorporating keywords that relate to your business will also help with your SEO.

Just like your audience, Google crawls through your website, trying to understand the copy, images, videos and keywords that you have used to see if it matches your business’ purpose.

Designing a layout that is easy to understand, attractive to look at and that is relevant to your business message, will positively portray your website to viewers.

Google will rank your website based on these factors and will tell you if your website layout and design is easy to understand. Not only for Google’s benefit but for your audience too. If you rank high, this means that your website gets a higher search engine placement meaning that your website becomes more visible and searchable to your audiences.

website design Capetown ignite media

To Sum Up

Nowadays, the amount of websites that are built every day has risen. More websites, more audiences and more competition to keep you on your toes when designing the perfect layout.

Websites have become the face of most businesses. Your design and layout needs to create a user-friendly and welcoming online environment where your audience can get useful information any time of the day.

If your website is well managed and fully optimised, people feel like they can rely on you to satisfy their needs. This leads to your website building trust and profitability.

Ignite Media is a strategic digital marketing agency in Cape Town, offering consulting, website design and development to online marketing support, including SEO Services. Contact us today for support.

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