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Our 6 top tips on how to improve your Google search rankings

Improving your google search rankings is a must for every business. More traffic equals more leads and sales. In this blog we’ve given you insights into what it takes to improve your Google Search Rankings in order to help your company’s website rank higher and more often in search and to attract your relevant and desired customer.

Here’s how to improve your Google search rankings

1. Build Trust & Credibility for both Google and your website visitors

Your potential customers are searching Google for products and/or services that your company offers. Your website needs to build trust and credibility with Google and other search engines in order for it (your website) to be offered up as the ideal solution to your potential customers’ search enquiry.

How do you build trust and credibility?

Trust is the cornerstone of all personal and business relationships today. For Google trust signals may be the most significant indicator as to the quality of your Brand, website and offering. Since Google’s users trust them, offering the user a website that is not trustworthy, will only hurt the trust already established between Google and it’s users. Therefore, building trust is our top tip for improving your website’s ranking within Google.

Trust signals include:

  1. Having a secure domain to encrypt communication and makes it harder for attackers or hackers to steal personal and company data. If your website users are entering their personal information, opting into your email lists or buying products online, you need a secured domain.
  2. Other hidden trust factors include the domains age and the length of time of registration. The longer your domain has been around, the better.
  3. Backlinks to your website. The number of backlinks to your company’s website from other domains with a favourable and high domain authority, a metric developed by MOZ, indicates credibility for your website.
  4. Consistently updating your website with content creates trust and credibility. The more often you keep your company’s website updated, with content that is relevant to your brand and audience, builds trust for your website visitors as well as search engines.
  5. Including content such as client and product reviews or testimonials, to case studies and portfolio of work will further build trust for your Brand.
  6. Engagement signals help Google and other search engines understand how engaging your website is; whether customers are browsing and spending time on your website, to taking action. The more engaged your website visitor is and the more frequently the correct actions are being taken on your website, the more trustworthy your website will be in the eyes of Google.

2. Be Relevant

When entering a search term into Google search bar, your customers are either searching for answers to their questions; and/or alternatively they would have identified a solution to their problems and are now looking for the relevant product and/or service that will satisfy their requirements.

Understanding your customers’ search intent is crucial and developing content to match this is of utmost importance; especially if you intend to influence and capture your ideal customer along their customer journey.

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3. Digital User Experience

Experience is becoming the success factor for brands online today. Experience includes how well your website is structured; whether it offers your users an intuitive and seamless experience to navigate and find and engage with your content. The more engaging and favourable the experience is, the more Google is going to like your website. Other important digital user experiences include whether your website responds and adjusts to different mobile screen sizes.

Ensure that your website designer and developer builds your website following best practice, heavily influenced by SEO. If you’re not sure whether your website meets these standards, visit our website design page to see our design and development process. Feel free to contact us at Ignite Media, via our contact form below. We’re ready to assist.

4. You need an SEO Strategy

You can have points 1, 2 and 3 above ticked off, but without a good SEO strategy to educate and inform Google and other search engines about your website and its content – well then you’re relying on hope and luck that your website will be found by your ideal customer. A good SEO strategy includes technical, on-page and off-page SEO tactics which together build trust, credibility, and influence for your brand. The more visible your website (whether for B2B or B2C businesses) is within search, the more likely your brand will become influential and attract a relevant audience, growing its pipeline with relevant leads and sales.

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5. Get listed within Google Maps

Whether you run a physical store or your business operates remotely, your company needs to be listed within Google Maps. As users are more mobile today than ever before, they’re constantly looking online for information, answers, directions, reviews and about business, products and service solutions. Listing your business within Google Maps and optimizing your listing accordingly, is one sure way to improve your brand’s visibility and ranking within Google.

Read: Local SEO, your number 1 digital marketing strategy during covid-19. Yes whilst written during the early days of the pandemic, it remains relevant. The truth is that Google Maps is important for your customers searching for companies, products and services within their location. Google optimizes each users search based on a number of factors within it’s algorithm, including where the user is located.

6. Pay-Per-Click Marketing or PPC Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is another digital acquisition marketing strategy that helps to raise the awareness of your brand within search engines and to bring in relevant visitors to your website. Whilst this point does not refer to improving your google search rankings organically, it is included here because your Google PPC campaigns are used to present your company’s website above organic search rankings and is a useful digital strategy to laser-target the customers you want to get in front of.

SEO Company Cape Town

As you can see, improving your Google Search Rankings depends upon a number of factors and the good news is that you don’t have to figure this all out by yourself. There are many SEO Companies in Cape Town, however if you’re looking for a result’s driven, experienced, relationship-based agency offering professional SEO Services in Cape Town, then Ignite Media’s available to help you.

Ignite Media, is a strategic, boutique digital marketing agency in Cape Town, helping our range of SMMEs and corporate clients build and grow their business with relevant leads and sales. We build online trust, credibility and relevance based on a strong website foundation for our client brands; and provide additional brand design and communication to the full-range of digital marketing services, including lead generation. Feel free to contact us if you’d like more help so that your business can thrive online.

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