The majority of people coming to your website want to complete an action or find specific information.  Visitors today expect to find relevant content, an attractively designed website that is also easy to navigate and intuitive to their needs.  

As a website design company in Cape Town, our process guides you to ensure that your website is designed to best practice; meets the needs of your visitor and achieves your business marketing goals.

As each website is as unique as each business, we’ll tailor solutions that will to meet the current demands to specific and future needs of your company. Ignite Media can help you grow your business with a well planned and designed website today.   



The period of time to complete the process depends upon many factors, such as the complexity of your business, the discovery phase to the size of your proposed platform (number of pages) and whether you and/or we are assisting with information architecture to content creation and more. It is best to obtain an estimate quotation and timeline once a clear brief has been provided. 

Since every business has it’s own unique needs and requirements (number of pages to functionality), it is best to obtain an estimate costing based on a clear brief.

No. Website Designers are the architects designing the structure to branded look and feel of the website.  They create the vision, whilst the website developers are the engineers / builders who are able to turn your vision into a reality producing a live, functional and engaging platform to build your online presence on.  Ignite Media is both a website design and development company based in Cape Town, working with clients across South Africa.

We’re an established website design company in Cape Town.  With almost a decade designing and developing websites, we are able to identify challenges within your current website or create or rebuild a website taking your customer needs, your business marketing goals, digital marketing best practice and technology considerations into account.  

Regardless of your  industry or company size, our dedicated design and development team will ensure that your website design takes your business forward.


Goals overlap.  Your customer has needs and is searching for your product, service and support.  Your business and brand has goals, and the website must generate leads and sales.

Using experience, technology and insight, our website designers will help you create a vision for your website and will guide the design and development process to ensure that the final designed website brings your business and customer together so that your respective goals can be achieved.

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Laying and building the foundation for your success requires an understanding of your business and your customers.  From this position, we use our experience and best practice to analyse how best to proceed to ensure the results you’re after. 



We’ll design your website using best practice.  This includes designing an intuitive and seamless experience for your customer so that they are able to navigate and find the information that they need in order to convert on your website.  This section includes wireframing to identifying what content is to be designed and/or developed to support your business, brand goals and customer needs.



Every website needs content that is effective and relevant to your website visitor.  We’ll create all the content that your website needs so that it is engaging and influential in establishing your brand as the authority and go-to solution. 




Using our tools, we’ll create a clickable prototype of your website before development stage so that you can experience the website .  This saves costly development fees in spotting oversights and errors that can be fixed prior to development.



We’ll develop your website to match the designed look, feel and experience.  Your design is now a fully functional platform and responsive to mobile devices.  We are also able to implement core SEO (Search engine optimization) on your website and register your website with search engines for indexing and ranking.


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“Ignite Media is a pleasure to work with – Our project of merging brands and websites with various interconnecting services was quite a challenge for sure and the numerous solutions and custom builds Janine and the team offered us along the way were always effective and solution driven with an intuitive understanding of our rather tricky requirements. 

Janine has also bravely endeavoured to guide and train me since the conception of the site to manage the basic updates and maintenance for ourselves. This especially has been greatly appreciated! We couldn’t recommend Ignite Media more for all the amazing work they have produced for us thus far. I am definitely going to call on them for assistance for some time to come!”

Kim Henshilwood
Shonaquip Social Enterprise

“Thank you Ignite Media, what a pleasure to work with you. So talented and gifted. We love our new branded website and marketing materials. you’ve given us a new face that will help us grow globally.”

Belinda Combrinck
Fine Bubble Technologies

“Ignite Media has impressed us over and over with their knowledge, skills and creativity. We can’t imagine working with any other company in the future.”

Chantel Swart
Grimms Holdings


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