5 SEO tips to rank your business Facebook page

A strange thought – SEO for Facebook? Yes, in keeping with the Internet’s principles of competition and advertising, SEO is also applicable to Facebook Pages and so it is important to be aware of this in order to improve your business’ Facebook page ranking.   For a more in depth view on how social media impacts your SEO, read this article.

When thinking of Facebook and SEO, we have to start by looking at Facebook’s original purpose – “[Connecting] with friends and the world around you.” With this in mind, how do you optimise your business page on Facebook’s SEO ranking? Here are four principles to consider for Facebook SEO ranking.

  1.  Be part of the conversation

This principle is one of the golden threads of all things related to Social Media. It is all about a conversation amongst friends, and therefore, in order to stay at the top with your Facebook page it is best to stick to interesting, non-sales material on your page. Comment on events or innovations within your industry. Interpret current developments through sharing your thoughts. Share your team’s stories (i.e. make it personal), and respond to your audience. Sales talk and advertisements on your page will affect your SEO ranking negatively. Rather make use of the ads platforms provided for this.

  1. Keywords are ‘key’

Yes, the old-fashioned but current method of using keywords is relevant to your Facebook SEO ranking. This does not mean you should use them for the sake of using them. It is important to identify relevant keywords – but you do not have to use them in every post. Use your tabs on the page to include relevant keywords, but only in a way that makes sense! Another way to make sure you hit optimise keywords is to follow Facebook’s prompts. When posting a photo, Facebook tells you to ‘say something about this’. Go ahead and add a description – this then becomes the SEO title for your post. The first word will carry the most weight in terms of SEO, so use a relevant keyword here.

  1. Turn to Google

Google your field of business or industry.  Those Facebook pages that pop up are the ones who are getting it right. It is important to look at your competitors who are performing well and see what they are doing. Don’t steal ideas, rather find inspiration and learn lessons through looking at their content. See what keywords they are using, and how they are applying the principals of unique and fresh content that Google loves so.

  1. Share the love

It is extremely important to link your page to your website and have a visible link from your website to your Facebook page.  The more website and social media platforms your Facebook link appears on, the better for your SEO ranking.

  1. Be a ‘business’ page

Always post with the concept of a business page (with social elements) in mind. For starters, make sure you choose a brand-related Facebook page name. Also make sure to update your automatic Facebook URL to a unique custom one. Think carefully how your posts link to your business – you can be clever, but don’t post random information that does not relate to your business in any way. It won’t add value to your fans or your SEO.

Over to you

These tips are not limited to Facebook pages only but can be used across all social media channels.  These 5 tips are not difficult to implement however require dedication and time in order for you to see your pages rank.  Let us know which tip would be easiest to implement.  If you need help with creating content for your social media channels that incorporates the 5 SEO tips, then contact us and we’d love to help you rank your social media pages.

Ignite Media is a digital marketing agency in Cape Town, helping SMME’s and corporates to succeed online.

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