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2 online marketing strategies that get new online customers to buy from your business

Your online marketing strategies are working – website traffic is constantly increasing, and your audience is browsing and engaging with your website, but your leads and sales conversions aren’t converting. New and existing websites and online stores face the same challenges when it comes to understanding and initiating online customer conversions.

Experienced sales and marketing directors are aware that consumer behaviour is constantly changing and building brand trust and credibility is the key to successfully gaining or converting online consumers. The need to help customers feel safe and secure when browsing and shopping on your website has never been more important than it is today. However, achieving this level of brand trust and credibility is a long and continuous process.

Converting website visitors into customers

The first step to successfully converting a website visitor is to attract the right type of customer. Lead generation strategies are a powerful source of customer conversion, our article on the 3 best digital marketing strategies to attract qualified leads gives you an in-depth introduction to the power of sustainable inbound marketing strategies for optimal lead generation.

Converting a website visitor into a warm lead and eventually a customer – relies heavily on your website visitor feeling safe and satisfied with your brand experience and product offerings. This step is the most difficult however with these 3 easy tactics you can significantly increase your chances of successful sales conversions.

how to generate quality leads for your business

2 online marketing strategies that get new online customers to buy from your business

1.     Creating safety and security for your online customer

Website visitors gain access to your online shop or business’ brochure website through 2 avenues, either by searching for products and services and discovering your website thanks to your SEO strategies and finding your website within search engine results page, or they are already aware of your brand, product and are potentially a regular, engaged website visitor who has not converted yet. You need to remember that both sets of website visitors are potential leads who are not yet confident enough to purchase from you unless they feel emotionally safe and secure to interact and engage with your brand. Emotional safety requires that you establish trust with your customer.

Trust for your brand can easily be eroded when your website does not align with best practices and information is withheld, manipulated and not honestly or adequately communicated. Whether your business operates an online store or is set up as a brochure website, the information provided must be sufficient to satisfy the needs of your customer. By making the customer aware of all the information that they need, for example product and/or service information, requirements, and costs and ensuring that there aren’t any surprise requirements is crucial for a successful leads or sales conversion.

Another way to build trust is to provide third-party ratings and reviews or testimonials, trial periods, warranties and guarantees, if possible. Third-party ratings and reviews. Third-party reviews and testimonials give other customers peace of mind as they are generally regarded as fair and impartial. Having these reviews available, not only on your website but on other platforms such as social media will add to building trust and credibility for your brand and product/service.

Warranties, guarantees, and trial periods allow the customer to purchase the product with the comfort that they have a contingency plan if anything goes wrong.

Read our post about the changes in B2B buying and selling trends and how to prepare your business for the future.

2.     Building consistent brand experiences

Brand and customer experience have become important brand differentiate, overtaking other differentiators including price and product. Customers are now drawn to brand personalities, especially online. Your online Social Media platforms and your website are thus prime opportunities to evoke kinship.

A well-executed brand personality creates emotions in ways that your audience finds relatable and evokes security. Taking control of your brand personality ensures that you can create and drive a consistent brand’s narrative that supports and is reinforced by your marketing strategy.

Consistent branding plays an important role in building trust and credibility thus efficient alignment and communication between marketing, sales and services teams is crucial for the successful execution of any marketing strategy.

But more than anything ensuring you’re engaging with your audience and listening to them is crucial to creating satisfying interactions and experiences.

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