Improve your brand’s visibility on Google and Bing with Ignite Media, an experienced SEO agency in Cape Town. To make it simple for people to find your business online, we assist in developing and implementing powerful organic SEO strategies. 

With almost a decade of experience working with companies across many industries, we’re dedicated to increasing the visibility of your website, enhancing the visibility of your brand, and generating more conversions.

Our custom SEO packages are tailored to meet the demands and specific needs of your particular company. Ignite Media can help you to realize your digital potential today.


The goal of SEO is to boost both the quantity and quality of organic (free) traffic to your website. When done correctly, it will make it easier for your target market to reach you by placing your website among the top results and connecting the user’s search with your goods and services.

By making your website noticeable in search engine results and relevant to users’ search enquiries, SEO makes it easier for new customers to trust your website. It’s also one of the few web marketing strategies that keeps producing results over time by allowing your organic traffic to grow.

Ignite Media creates a customized SEO package based on the intricacy of your website and the level of market competition where your company operates. For a custom quote, please contact us.

In markets with intense competition, SEO is a continuous process, and results may not be seen right away. It is generally accepted that after 4-6 months, you will start to see effects, with performance improving with time. Utilising professional SEO Services to support your overall marketing plan might significantly benefit your company.

We are an established Cape Town SEO agency, we initially started off, almost a decade ago, as a social media advertising company and grew into a web design and digital marketing company. Our background means that we understand how a well-functioning website works and what is required in order to raise visibility and ranking within search engines.

By concentrating on finding your immediate victories and developing a successful long-term plan to maintain you in the lead, we’ll identify your core audiences and how to effectively engage them right from the start. We’ll also look into fresh ways to distinguish you from your competitors that will allow you to boost your revenue and organic visibility.

Whatever your industry or company size, our dedicated team will know exactly what is needed to help you get two steps ahead of your competitors.

We will continuously track and report on your SEO progress and performance, including traffic, conversions, earnings, and keyword rankings. We’ll utilize this information to continuously improve your SEO approach and assist you reach your business objectives.


With a 93% market share, Google is the main search engine that most people turn to when they are looking for a product or service.

Having your website rank in the top positions of the search results will drive more traffic and improve your brand’s visibility.

Our goal is to ensure that your customers find your website instead of your competitors.  

Whilst we are a Cape Town SEO Agency, we work with companies across South Africa providing professional SEO Services.


With people using Google several times a day.  When your website ranks highly within Google Search Results Pages for relevant search terms related to your products and/or services, this generates more traffic to your website, and increases the number of leads and sales.  

If you’re not near the top of page 1 of Google Search Results, then you’re losing out on potential customers.  Let us help you by designing and implementing a cost-effective SEO strategy to ensure an increased ROI.





Our process starts off with analysing your website (and SEO strategy, if you already have one in place). During this phase we’ll identify any concerns that need to be addressed that is hurting your site’s performance within Search.  This work includes an analysis of your website’s structure to technical performance, on-page optimization, link-building to local SEO and more.  We will also research who your strongest online competitors are to help identify unique and innovative ways in which you can outperform them.  



Depending on what we discover during phase 01 above, we’ll make recommendations on what technical and structural changes must be made to enable search bots to easily crawl and index your website, improve website speed and provide you with an SEO strategy that will build your website’s exposure and ranking and drive more quality traffic.



Your website has content, but is it effective and relevant enough to your users?  We will create fresh, engaging and authentic content, to improve your rankings within Google.  Content, aligned to your SEO strategy that will engage and connect with your audience; educate and inform Google; and establish you as an authority in your own industry.




“Professional, diligent, friendly, strategy driven, process-oriented and creative company to partner with. I’ve worked with Janine and the team for some time now on our main development, design and SEO accounts and would recommend them highly. 

Ignite Media is customer and solutions focused, holding themselves to high standards of delivery which is one of the reasons why I am sure we will be working together for years to come.

Gregg Davies

“Without a doubt 5 stars! Ignite Media’s expertise and understanding of our SEO far exceeded our expectations. We are ranking at number 1 for most of our keyword terms”

Tina McDowell
Vienna’s Village


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