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Answering your customers questions before they even ask could benefit you

Searching for a product or a service on the Internet usually starts with typing  a question. Customers usually go to the Internet, in search of a specific answer. The problem is, however, that often it becomes an endless search with limited answers available.  The reason? Very few companies attempt to answer the important questions on their website. Rather, they stick to basic Q&A’s that miss the mark.

And this is why it is important to answer the questions your customers may have – so that when they search for the answers they end up on your business’ site.  This is a vital part of the message you are trying to communicate to your target audience through Content Marketing.  Here are a few generic questions to consider answering.


This is probably the most important question to answer. And in the same breath, also the most difficult one. There are ways and means to answer this question in while avoiding a specific answer. When writing an article use a range of figures (starting from and to). Google will direct a price search to your article simply because you address the issue.


Customers also tend to search ‘troubleshoot’ type of phrases. Use content to address potential issues that your product is said to have or that people have experienced. This way you have a chance to list the pros and cons, presenting the bigger picture to a potential client.

Why us

Instead of using unrealistic terms that measure nothing, like ‘the best’ or‘ the greatest’ for example , why not present a list of competitors and rate them. A search for your competitor could then bring up your article – and thus your company name. This is a great way to use content that answers questions in your advantage.

These are a few important questions you should answer through content on your website and social pages. You can find more ideas for questions that are regularly asked on Social Media Platforms, in blog comments and in keyword searches.

If you could answer questions thoroughly before they your customer needs to ask you – your content hits the mark in each area, being informative, educational and entertaining in some cases.  In short your content will help people and in turn, it will help your business.

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