EIE Group (now known as CFAO Equipment SA) are market leaders and suppliers of well-known material handling and industrial equipment brands and equipment in Southern Africa, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.  They provide a complete solution to help their customers improve operational efficiencies.

About Project

During the year 2020, Ignite Media was approached with the task of evaluating EIE Group’s website to explore solutions to improve the performance and increase the low conversion rates. Based on those insights, a grasp of current and future business plans, we planned, designed and developed a new website to solve the challenges.

The objectives of the new website would be to:

  1. Communicate EIE Group relationship with reputable and recognisable brands, including Toyota Forklifts, 600SA and others;
  2. Optimize for SEO for the purposes of increasing visibility within search engine result pages and build ranking for a range of keywords important to the brand and its products.
  3. Drive traffic to its business divisions on the website; 
  4. Increase conversion rates by generating leads on its own website for product and service related products.

Leading Service Delivery Partners

  • Lead PR Communication  Agency:  Eclipse Communication
  • Video content by:  Gregg Davies Media
  • Website Strategy, SEO and Digital Strategy Support:  Ignite Media

Our Role

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In the 9 months since the relaunch of EIE Group’s new website, conversion rates have improved and increased by 202% compared to that of the previous period.

*July 2021 

The new website had to be indexed by Google, and with any new and replacement website the impact would be seen in organic traffic and website position ranking for respective keywords.  Within 9 months of the relaunch of the new website, the organic traffic has recovered to 98.2% of that of the previous 9 month period with favourable forecasted and projected growth for the period ahead.  The key difference is that organic traffic is now more relevant to our client and that the website offers an improved user experience, the results of which can be seen with the significant increase in conversion rates.

*July 2021 

We started the process by analysing the  website structure and performance identifying specific areas that impacted on the user’s experience.  Thereafter we analysed and reviewed EIE Group’s current SEO set up and strategy.  With an understanding into their product and service offering, we then set out to conduct keyword research to identify relevant keywords relating to ideal customer, products and service offerings.

These insights provided us with the foundation to move forward with a proposed layout and structure for their new website.

We implemented the UX process and thereafter proceeded to develop EIE Group’s new website incorporating SEO insights into the development process.

After go-live to-date, Ignite Media continues to provide the on-going SEO support services whilst also managing website updates and maintenance.  We provide digital marketing monitoring and performance reporting services, providing input and direction for new campaign development and more.

Ignite Media has since been awarded the SEO services and web management services for EIE Group’s Toyota Forklift and 600SA websites and provides on-going strategy consulting and support. 


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