Digital Marketing Workshops | Full day and half day workshops

Full-Day Digital Marketing Workshop

Achieving success with your digital marketing efforts requires an understanding of the available tools and strategies. In this practical workshop we share our experience, knowledge and insight to help you understand the what, how and why. This workshop covers everything from profiling your ideal audience to your website set-up and performance, to SEO and social media marketing plus more. A follow-on consultation is included in this workshop to clarify any uncertainties or to help you identify what and how you can apply what you've learnt to your digital marketing efforts.

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Facebook for business

With the constant updates and algorithm changes, entrepreneurs and business owners are falling behind and still implementing old Facebook strategies and tactics to market their business via Facebook. This workshop offers a practical way to keep your business up to date and adapting to Facebook's on-going changes and to help you identify gaps and missed opportunities to market your business more effectively. The workshop also prepares you for upcoming Facebook changes that you may not be aware of and helps you identify skills and resources needed in order to adapt.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In this practical half-day workshop, we look at what is SEO and what strategies can you implement and apply to increase the visibility of your business, improve your rankings within Search Engines Ranking Pages and be found by your ideal audience.

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