Led by Shona McDonald and supportive team, Shonaquip Social Enterprise (SSE) builds custom wheelchairs for children with disabilities.  Beyond this immediate offering, the families are supported with dedicated care and programmes to help bring about an inclusive society for children with disabilities.  

About Project

Ignite Media was approached to create a new website for Shonaquip Social Enterprise.

The challenge with this project was having to merge two independent branded websites including extracting and merging very similiar yet different content pieces, restructure and/or recreate for the new platform, which included creating a new and fresh designed website that communicated and presented the brand, its products and offerings clearly. 

The custom functionality required by our client was challenging too and how this functionality would function on mobile had to be considered and in some cases. functionality on mobile would be set out and designed separately to that of the desktop display.

Given the similarity of the product range including options, our client did not want the standard e-commerce functionality but required a user to be able to select a wide range of individual customized items aligned to a specific wheelchair in order to offer the user a custom built wheelchair designed for their comfort and use.

Our Role

What we did:

We started the project with a discovery and planning workshop where we worked through the different audiences in order to plan content accordingly.  With experience in mobile development, we guided the client around the custom functionality required throughout the website.

Thereafter we planned and guided client on content development for each page of the website and proceeded with the wireframing process to guide the structure and functionality of the website in alignment with content and conversion goals.

Banner design and artwork elements was influenced by ourselves and created by our client’s graphic designer.  Thereafter we built and developed the website, including the custom functionality.  Custom functionality included creating an interactive ecosystem on the homepage of the website to the amending the shopping experience so that it would be customised to the user’s needs.  

The project was completed with handing over and training our client on how to manage and keep their website updated.  


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