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Effective internal communications for growth driven companies

Internal communications is a key business function that allows for the sharing of information for business purposes.   We help brands set up their internal communication platforms and assist with internal communications strategies, development through to the delivery and reporting phases.

Our offering:

Intranet design & development

The goal of an intranet is to offer an organisation a secured network – a centralised platform and tool where communications, information such as processes, policies, benefits and more can be stored.  A tool that allows for collaboration and engagement among the employees of an organisation.  

We design, develop and maintain company intranets to ensure that business objectives are met.  

Internal Communications Design, Delivery & Reporting

Communicating top-down memos, change, crisis, performance and progress updates or facilitating two-way communications or specific campaigns within an organisation offer many benefits including alignment to brand, culture and business strategy; helps to attract and retain talent and improves overall performance plus more.  

Whether your internal communications take the form of a printed newsletter, reports to a digital newsletter, blog for your intranet or corporate social media post; our services include developing the copy for your communications through to designing the graphic elements to delivering the communication on your behalf plus reporting.

Types of internal communication

  • Leadership and top-down management memos
  • Crisis Communication
  • Change Communication
  • Information Communication
  • Bottom-up / Two-way Communication
  • Campaign Communication
  • Culture Communication

Internal Communication Channels

  • Intranet
  • Newsletters (Printed or electronic)
  • Corporate social media
  • Blogs
  • Posters, Banners & Flyers
  • Presentations. Brochures
  • Video

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