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3 Hours!

Created for your convenience. Within 3 hours you'll gain a deeper understanding of digital marketing.

Small Groups

Limited space means there'll be more time to answer your questions.

Trendy Coffee Shops

Offered in Cape Town only in coffee shops that offer wifi, delicious coffee and a quiet space to focus and learn.


Practicing digital marketing on a daily basis means we can offer you insight that will benefit your business!

Online Sessions

Can't make a coffee shop session? Sign up to our online session and join from the comfort of your own office or home.


11 APRIL 2019
6pm - 9pm

Noordhoek, Cape Town


  • What exactly is digital marketing -the what, how and why
  • Your ideal customer - what you need to know in order to attract, engage and convert your ideal customer
  • Choosing the right digital marketing tools for your business - An analysis of the different tools (Website, social media, SEO, Google Ads, Email marketing) at your disposal. Understand what they offer and determine which tools are ideal for your B2B and B2C business.
  • Trends & Strategies - what's current and what strategies could work for your business.
  • Using a data-driven approach - to inform and drive your marketing and sales strategies.
  • Q&A

Terms & Conditions

Public Workshops
  • Our coffee shop session workshops are offered in Cape Town only, at specific coffee shops located in the South Peninsula, Southern Suburbs and Northern Suburbs
  • It is possible that a coffee shop session can be arranged in your area, however this depends on the demand for the workshop within your specific location.
  • In the event that we are unable to offer a coffee shop session within an area that is convenient for you, please do sign up for our online session.
  • Other workshops are offered on a full-day, half-day basis. Read the online course description to confirm whether a workshop is half or full-day.
  • Costs are per person attending the workshop.
  • Full-day and half day workshops - costs cover tea and coffee breaks and a light lunch, workshop take-home notes. Meals are subject to change.
  • Coffee shop workshops will include a cup of coffee and a light snack.
  • Limited seating, so please secure your spot early permitted.
  • Full payment of the workshop fee must be made within 7 working days of the workshop commencing, failing which you shall forfeit your workshop spot, which shall be awarded to the participant on a waiting list.

In-House Workshops

  • Ignite Media offers workshops presented in the comfort of your own office.
  • In-House Workshops are tailored to suit your business
  • Available in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.
  • Cost are determined on a quotation basis, therefore kindly contact us so that we can provide you with a quotation.
  • Meals and tea/coffee breaks are excluded from In-House Workshops.


  • In the event that the workshop does not obtain the minimum required participants per workshop, Ignite Media shall notify those participants accordingly and arrange for the postponement of the workshop or a refund of the workshop fee.
  • In the event of you cancelling your attendance at a workshop, notice must be provided by no later than 5 working days prior to the workshop taking place. Cancellation shall be communicated via email to:

Postponement of your attendance at the workshop

  • Postponing attendance at the workshop must be made within 5 working days prior to the workshop taking place.
  • Your attendance at the next digital marketing workshop will be determined by the next available spot.


  • Unless in the event that Ignite Media is unable to fill the minimum number of participants at a workshop, a full refund of the workshop fee will be granted.
  • The full workshop fee will be forfeited in the event of your non-attendance at the workshop or your failure to postpone or cancel the workshop by no later than 5 working days prior to workshop taking place.
  • Full refunds, less an administrative fee and bank charges amounting to 10% of the total booking will be deducted from the total refund, if cancellations are made within the guidelines above.


  • Participants to complete and return the registration form prior to the commencement of the workshop, which will be emailed to you by Ignite Media.
  • Currently offered within Cape Town, with public workshops in Durban and Johannesburg coming soon.
  • Workshops will not take place on public holidays or during the school holidays
  • Workshops via Skype sessions are also available and by arrangement only.

Why Ignite Media?

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