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Content that works for your brand

Social Media provides a unique opportunity of advertising delivered to your audience, without interrupting them. In other words, through targeting you can speak to those who would be interested in your business’ product or service. There is a ‘but’… you are not alone.  Other brands out there within your industry, are targeting the same audience. So how do you get your brand’s content to speak the ‘loudest’ and grab your potential customers’ attention? Or simply put, how do you choose content that ‘works for your brand’.


Be part of the conversation

The first step to creating incredible content is to know what other brands are doing.  Through using ‘listening’ tools, find out what is being said about your product or service, your brand even, as well as your competitors. This gives you the insight you need to add value to the conversation – through either solving a problem, responding to any positive feedback or giving practical solutions. This way you position yourself as an authority in your industry.


It’s not about you

To create content that works for your brand, you have to realise that it is not about you. Consumers want to see what they can get out of your product or service. Your content needs to show them the experience. On the one end is the consumer’s intention – on the other end is their interest. You have to meet them in the middle. In other words, find the right balance between your brand message and relevance to your audience.


Tell a story

Knowing what the conversation is and what is relevant, will provide the tools to tell your brand’s ‘story’ in the most convincing way possible.  There are two main principals: 1) A picture speaks more than a thousand words; 2) Less is more. In other words, make use of visual and simple content. Through using striking images that show why customers should use your product or service, answering questions through infographics and sharing an experience with the use powerful video – you can let your content stand out in the crowd.

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