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The Internet has a life of its own. It is constantly moving and changing and often hard to keep up with. For content marketing this means being online all the time, staying up to date with the type of content that resonates with your customers and being part of the conversation.

The reality is we are not omnipotent, and no matter how much time you spend on the Internet, you could still miss some trends. It is a good idea to take a step back every now and then.  Look at the overall picture to assess where the trends are going. This means you can plan ahead, despite the fast pace, and make sure you are up to speed with online competitors.

Here are a few trends to look out for.

Make room for more budget

Firstly, content strategists predicted that this would be the year content marketing would spike in terms of budget. This has been an accurate prediction for this year and will continue in this direction in 2016. With Content Marketing becoming an essential part in many company marketing strategies – you may as well plan ahead and increase your budget for 2016.

Less talk more action

The focus is changing from SEO and keywords to Social Media. Consumers are more likely to buy a product on the basis of a comment on social media than search for hours on end on the massive pool of information on the Internet. So even though keywords are still important, it will become less important in 2016 as companies invest more in Social Media and communicate content to a targeted audience more easily. Various tools such as promoted posts and twitter campaigns all contribute to this shift. More and more you can accurately target your audience.

Smaller screens

2015-2016 is the dawn of the smartphone and tablet. Today, more than ever, smartphones and tablets are more accessible than ever. And this will be even truer for 2016. What this means for you is that your content needs to take into account that between 80% and 90% of your audience will be accessing your messages/content via a mobile or tablet.  You therefore need to ensure that your content is optimised for these devices, as well as computer screens.  And in 2016 you need to ensure engagement content utilises touch screens optimally, making it an interactive experience.

A growing conversation

It is obvious that Social Media is a growing platform in Content Marketing and it is not ending soon. In fact, it will grow even more in 2016. It also looks like the conversation is becoming less one-sided, with user-generated content becoming more important in Social Media Marketing.

These are a few things to take into consideration, not only for Content Marketing, but your overall Content Strategy.  If this is a little overwhelming, don’t fret. Ask an expert – Ignite Media is here to keep up with the trends on your behalf.

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