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Apr 7, 2016
social media mistakes to avoid. Ignite Media

Avoid these 4 social media mistakes

Yes social media is easy and yes again to social media is also not that easy.  Social media has many benefits for business, however we have found that many social […]
Apr 5, 2016
social media benefits. Ignite Media

5 major social media benefits for your business

Social media has become an indispensable part of everyday life and has altered the way people interact with one another. Entrepreneurs have come to rely on […]
Mar 29, 2016
brochure mistakes Ignite Media

3 brochure mistakes that lead to an ineffective brochure

Can you believe that after all the effort and money that goes into brochure design and creation, so many companies are still making these 3 brochure […]
Mar 22, 2016
6 critical elements to transform your failed website into a successful one. Ignite Media

6 critical elements that will transform your failed website into a successful one

Your business has a failed website. You’ve spent the last of your marketing budget on building a brand new website for your business.  With all its bells […]
Mar 8, 2016
how to create and use a buyer personas to drive sales. Ignite Media

How to create and use buyer personas to drive marketing and sales

If you’ve ever worked in any sort of marketing or sales capacity, you’ll have heard the term Buyer Persona thrown around like candy at Halloween. The […]
Feb 11, 2016
Marketing ideas for small business

Affordable online marketing ideas for your business

When it comes to finding marketing ideas for your business the approaches are endless, but many of them can be expensive and you may not see […]
Feb 9, 2016

How to stop people from ‘un-liking’ your Facebook page

So you’ve read the how-to guides, followed best practice and created your business Facebook page and the likes are rolling in – terrific! But how do […]
Feb 2, 2016
hidden marketing value in your about us page. Ignite Media

The hidden marketing value in your About page

Almost every website in the world has one, and almost every website in the world neglects it. I’m talking about the ‘About’ page, that mystical would-be marketing […]