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Nov 10, 2015
content strategy and business values. Ignite Media

Connecting your content strategy with your business values

Content is the ‘face’ of your company.  And the appropriate and inappropriate use of content, much like in real life, tells a lot about the person […]
Nov 10, 2015
answering your customers questions. Ignite Media

Answering your customers questions before they even ask could benefit you

Searching for a product or a service on the Internet usually starts with typing  a question. Customers usually go to the Internet, in search of a […]
Nov 10, 2015
the way of the future, content marketing

The way of the future – Content Marketing Trends for 2015 – 2016

The Internet has a life of its own. It is constantly moving and changing and often hard to keep up with. For Content Marketing this means […]
Nov 2, 2015
what is content marketing. Ignite Media

What is content marketing?

Content Marketing – it is the buzz-word of our era and you probably know it should be part of your marketing strategy.  But what is it? […]