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Dec 22, 2015
how to build a following on Twitter

3 easy steps to build your Twitter network

So you’ve created a Twitter profile for your small business (if you haven’t check out these 5 quick tips to get you started on Twitter), but […]
Dec 15, 2015

Your business blogging goals for 2016

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons why we’re in business is to make money.  Whether the motivating factor behind working in your own business […]
Dec 14, 2015
Marketing your small business via Twitter

Marketing your small business. Try Twitter, here’s why

Twitter has over 320 million active users worldwide and sees over 500 million tweets posted each day. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to […]
Dec 8, 2015
buyers persona, write for your audience. Ignite Media

Understand and write for your audience

Generating content that aligns with your brand values and speaks to your audience is important. If you do not have an audience to ‘sell’ to, then […]
Dec 5, 2015
content strategy vs content marketing. Ignite Media

The difference between Content Marketing and Content Strategy

  Content Strategy and Content Marketing, these concepts sound like potato, ‘po-tah-to’, however they are in fact two very different things. Let’s go back to our definition […]
Dec 1, 2015
New to Twitter. Ignite Media

New to Twitter? 5 quick tips to get you started

Twitter is a valuable marketing tool, which allows businesses to build meaningful connections with a relevant audience in real-time. If handled correctly, these connections can lead […]
Nov 24, 2015
content that stands apart and works for your brand. Ignite Media

Content that works for your brand

Social Media provides a unique opportunity of advertising delivered to your audience, without interrupting them. In other words, through targeting you can speak to those who […]
Nov 20, 2015
5 must do's for facebook

5 Do’s for Facebook

Social Media starts afresh….well every 15 to 30 minutes.  Known as the infinite scroll, it only takes a few seconds to minutes for a user to […]
Nov 10, 2015
content strategy and business values. Ignite Media

Connecting your content strategy with your business values

Content is the ‘face’ of your company.  And the appropriate and inappropriate use of content, much like in real life, tells a lot about the person […]