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Feb 2, 2016
hidden marketing value in your about us page. Ignite Media

The hidden marketing value in your About page

Almost every website in the world has one, and almost every website in the world neglects it. I’m talking about the ‘About’ page, that mystical would-be marketing […]
Jan 28, 2016
5 SEO Tips to rank your business Facebook page. Ignite Media

5 SEO tips to rank your business Facebook page

A strange thought – SEO for Facebook? Yes, in keeping with the Internet’s principles of competition and advertising, SEO is also applicable to Facebook Pages and […]
Jan 26, 2016
how to turn content into cash. Ignite Media

How to turn content into cash

The bottom line for every small business is that content marketing has to be about making money. If you want to generate content that converts to […]
Jan 21, 2016
beginners guide to setting social media marketing goals

A beginners guide to setting social media marketing goals

Using Social Media for marketing is a clever strategy. You have access to a targeted audience throughout their daily life. But for it to be worth […]
Jan 19, 2016
7 myths about online marketing. Ignite Media

7 myths about online marketing

Online marketing services play an important role in helping your business’ online presence stand out. Sadly it is often overlooked due to commonly accepted myths. Here […]
Dec 22, 2015
how to build a following on Twitter

3 easy steps to build your Twitter network

So you’ve created a Twitter profile for your small business (if you haven’t check out these 5 quick tips to get you started on Twitter), but […]
Dec 15, 2015

Your business blogging goals for 2016

Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons why we’re in business is to make money.  Whether the motivating factor behind working in your own business […]
Dec 14, 2015
Marketing your small business via Twitter

Marketing your small business. Try Twitter, here’s why

Twitter has over 320 million active users worldwide and sees over 500 million tweets posted each day. You don’t need to be a marketing expert to […]
Dec 8, 2015
buyers persona, write for your audience. Ignite Media

Understand and write for your audience

Generating content that aligns with your brand values and speaks to your audience is important. If you do not have an audience to ‘sell’ to, then […]