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Mar 24, 2016
5 brainstorming ideas before building a website. Ignite Media

5 brainstorming ideas before a new website build

You’ve heard the saying “think before you act”.  The same applies for when it comes to revamping an existing or building a new website for your […]
Mar 22, 2016
6 critical elements to transform your failed website into a successful one. Ignite Media

6 critical elements that will transform your failed website into a successful one

Your business has a failed website. You’ve spent the last of your marketing budget on building a brand new website for your business.  With all its bells […]
Mar 15, 2016
generate fresh content for your blog. ignite Media

5 ideas to generate fresh content for your blog

Having read Hubspot’s new benchmark report about how often your company should be posting a blog to increase inbound traffic to your website and increasing the opportunity to convert a customer; […]
Mar 9, 2016
Inbound marketing. Ignite Media

6 tips for effective inbound marketing

On a daily basis, individuals are bombarded with a variety of marketing messages including television commercials, billboards, radio commercials, print advertisements and cold calls. These marketing […]
Mar 8, 2016
how to create and use a buyer personas to drive sales. Ignite Media

How to create and use buyer personas to drive marketing and sales

If you’ve ever worked in any sort of marketing or sales capacity, you’ll have heard the term Buyer Persona thrown around like candy at Halloween. The […]
Mar 3, 2016
the pros and cons of outsourcing social media. Ignite Media

The pros and cons of outsourcing your social media management

The pros and cons of outsourcing your social media management have been the topic of debate for a number of years, and there are valid arguments to […]
Mar 1, 2016
what makes social media an important customer service tool? Ignite Media

What makes social media an important customer service tool?

Social media started out as, well, just that – a chance to be social online. Companies quickly saw the business benefits of social media and so […]
Feb 23, 2016
blogging benefits

Blogging benefits that nobody told you about

The term ‘blog’ was only coined in the late 1990’s but since then the pool has grown from just a handful of blogs to over 160 […]
Feb 19, 2016

How to tell if your business blog is successful

Blogging is the beating heart of content marketing. It allows you the creative freedom to publish what you like when you want to. More importantly for […]