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Apr 19, 2016
online marketing

5 online marketing mistakes that prevent business growth

The online world has changed drastically over the years since the dawn of the Internet!  In a similar fashion, the manner in which we present and market […]
Apr 12, 2016
how to use social media for market research Ignite Media

How to use social media for market research

In the past, collecting data for market research revolved around methods such as focus groups and surveys. Not only was this time consuming, it was also […]
Apr 7, 2016
social media mistakes to avoid. Ignite Media

Avoid these 4 social media mistakes

Yes social media is easy and yes again to social media is also not that easy.  Social media has many benefits for business, however we have found that many social […]
Apr 5, 2016
social media benefits. Ignite Media

5 major social media benefits for your business

Social media has become an indispensable part of everyday life and has altered the way people interact with one another. Entrepreneurs have come to rely on […]
Mar 29, 2016
brochure mistakes Ignite Media

3 brochure mistakes that lead to an ineffective brochure

Can you believe that after all the effort and money that goes into brochure design and creation, so many companies are still making these 3 brochure […]
Mar 24, 2016
5 brainstorming ideas before building a website. Ignite Media

5 brainstorming ideas before a new website build

You’ve heard the saying “think before you act”.  The same applies for when it comes to revamping an existing or building a new website for your […]
Mar 22, 2016
6 critical elements to transform your failed website into a successful one. Ignite Media

6 critical elements that will transform your failed website into a successful one

Your business has a failed website. You’ve spent the last of your marketing budget on building a brand new website for your business.  With all its bells […]
Mar 15, 2016
generate fresh content for your blog. ignite Media

5 ideas to generate fresh content for your blog

Having read Hubspot’s new benchmark report about how often your company should be posting a blog to increase inbound traffic to your website and increasing the opportunity to convert a customer; […]
Mar 9, 2016
Inbound marketing. Ignite Media

6 tips for effective inbound marketing

On a daily basis, individuals are bombarded with a variety of marketing messages including television commercials, billboards, radio commercials, print advertisements and cold calls. These marketing […]