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Our Mission

What our clients love about us is that we offer a full-service digital marketing solution, a one-stop-shop in other words so that our clients can focus on their business, whilst having one company as their trusted digital marketing solutions partner. To add the cherry to the cake, we also offer top quality service, going beyond the extra mile to ensure, in the midst of a constantly changing technological environment, that the needs that our clients may not even be aware of, is taken care of!

Our mission is to be the number one quality digital marketing partner of choice for entrepreneurs and business leaders throughout South Africa. Our aim is always to provide excellence through quality service that has a direct impact on our client's bottom line. Our experience, coupled with having the best digital marketing specialist on-board and our ongoing commitment to upskilling and remaining abreast of constant trends and changes in technologies, help us perform and produce results for our clients.

More about Ignite Media

Ignite Media is a Level 1 BBBEE digital marketing company, established in 2013 and specialises in inbound marketing. Ignite Media is owned and managed by Janine Wood.

Janine, with more than 6 years experience within the digital marketing industry has achieved results for clients across a number of industries including events, travel, education, NGO, nutrition and home improvement.

Janine Wood

Digital Marketer & MD

"We gauge our success on the successes that we help achieve for your business. Our approach is to always strive for excellence and to go the extra mile in order to provide real value and results that our clients hope to achieve. This approach, combined with the qualified and experienced team that we employ, is part of what makes Ignite Media a small, dynamic and upcoming digital marketing company. Our vision is to become a digital marketing company that partners with your company, helping you to grow your company as well as our own. ~ Janine Wood

How we got started

Our constant disappointments with customer service and results from digital marketing companies that we had employed to help us in one of our businesses, drove us to eventually take digital marketing into our own hands. Studies, workshops, trials and errors taught us a lot, however soon we were achieving better results for our own business from tactics that we were implementing.

By 2012, we made the decision to branch out and create our own digital marketing company in Cape Town and by March 2013, Ignite Media was borne. The vision for Ignite Media was to offer clients everything that we hoped for in a digital marketing company – digital marketing solutions, great value, customer service and last, but certainly not least - results! To this day, we are pleased to have delivered on what we had set out to achieve and as we head into the future, our business will continue to evolve, however guided by our purpose, mission and vision.

Our vision is to grow our company to become the number one digital marketing service provider helping businesses throughout South Africa achieve success!

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