Digital Marketing Workshops | For Entrepreneurs and business owners

Digital Marketing workshops
designed for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

If your business isn't being propelled forward through its current digital marketing strategy, then perhaps you need to attend our Digital Marketing workshops designed for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners! Our practical workshops helps you save valuable time and money by getting to the crux of the matter within a workshop.

Designed to help you understand the digital marketing eco-system and to provide insight into strategies that you can implement and apply to help raise your business visibility, attract your ideal clients and raise your business to its next level of success. Our workshops are/offer:

Practical Workshops

Our workshops covers some theory, however focuses mainly on using practical examples to help you grasp the various concepts of digital marketing.

Public Workshops

Made up of 8 - 15 participants, this makes the workshops more affordable, yet allows sufficient time to focus on your questions and challenges within your business.

In-House Workshops

In the comfort of your office environment and customized to suit and apply to your business.

Current Topics

We regularly survey our market and design workshops that helps to bring understanding and answers to current challenges.


Qualified and experienced facilitators who are currently and actively involved in digital marketing, helping to provide the best and current insight to your business' benefit.

Workshop Topics

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